The losing party in a civil trial has a right to appeal the result. If your case goes up on appeal, you will need to rehire your trial attorney to handle the appeal, or you can hire a new attorney who is experienced in appellate work.

A trial attorney works in a fast-moving, dynamic environment and uses arguments designed to persuade a jury of laypersons . On the other hand, an appellate attorney operates in a hyper-technical environment, submitting legal briefs to a panel of justices who scrutinize every word and citation. If you are looking for a new attorney, William Holzer is a talented appellate attorney who has represented clients in over 300 appeals. He has also been the lead attorney in numerous jury trials, so he knows how the "sausage is made" in the trial courts.

William is a legal counselor and advocate for his clients. Initially, he ensures the notice of appeal is filed, and orders the transcripts of the trial. Then he reviews the transcripts and provides his professional assessment on the options and strategies available to his client. If the client wants to go forward with the appeal, then William serves as an advocate, zealously litigating the case at every level to archive a successful result for his client.

If you are looking to hire an appellate attorney, please email the office to setup a confidential Zoom call.