If you’ve been falsely accused of a crime, wrongly convicted at a trial, or unfairly punished at sentencing, the walls will feel like they are closing in. You’ll wonder if you’re out of time and out of hope.

You still have hope. In California and Colorado, you have a statutory right to appeal your criminal case. If your trial attorney didn’t file a notice of appeal in the trial court, then Mr. Holzer can file it for you. But you need to act fast because the notice must be filed within the statutory time limit applicable to your particular case.

In an appeal, you can attack every piece of the prosecution’s case. You can challenge the search and seizure of evidence, the police interrogation, and the expert and scientific testimony. You can challenge the selection of the jury. You can argue there was insufficient evidence to support your convictions, you can challenge the judge’s legal rulings and instructions to the jury, you can argue your attorney provided ineffective assistance of counsel, and you can challenge the sentence.

However, an appeal is not a second trial. The procedures are different, there is no jury, instead there is a panel of scholarly judges, and complicated legal issues predominate. You can’t call witnesses or present new evidence. You have to rely on the transcripts of the trial testimony. You need an attorney who is methodical, precise and persuasive with his pen, not a fast talker who flies by the seat of his pants.

If you’re interested in having William represent you in your appeal, feel free to contact the office and schedule a meeting.